Who Has the Best Coffee? Top 5 Places to get Coffee!

Wandering Virtue

With hundreds of places to get coffee nowadays, we have a plethora of options. However, who really does have the best coffee? Whether you’re a black coffee kind of person or a venti iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle add three shots kind of person, we all have one thing in common- we are addicted to this stuff.

If we are paying around $4.00 per cup of joe we deserve the best, in my opinion. So who really does have the best coffee?

I am basing this list mainly off the taste of their regular coffee. Other factors that influence this list are: ambiance, if they have other food options, and if it’s cost friendly.

  1. Starbucks

    starbucks-cup-of-coffee-to-go                                I tried not to make Starbucks number one on this list mainly due to the fact that it is the most common place to get coffee. However, I failed and here it…

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Top 5 Kettlebell Moves

Me, Myself and Everything Else

Happy Friday!! After the cruise and last Friday’s post I was ready to get back into the workout grove! Kettlebell is one of my favorite workouts and I love incorporating it into my routines every week.

These are those moves you hate but actually really love because they leave you feeling so good (and sore) the next day!
Running has been my thing lately so after a run I mix in some of these moves and feel great after!

Sumo Squat: These get those inner thighs burning! Make sure to let the bottom of the kettlebell hit the floor and you will be feeling it for days after!
 photo EB1AFED7-6777-46CA-9F26-1DA5C96BB8F9_zpskz45w9kn.jpg

Dead lifts – This is 100% the best way to shape the back of your legs and raise that booty! Do a couple sets of these and you will be feeling it!
 photo 878A82F2-7FED-4623-AFA3-155F7DA53D45_zpssyy4zqaa.jpg

Kettle swing – This has always been one…

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters I or J

Images from Finchley

An obvious choice for me is Junction… or more specifically Clapham Junction (though I could have chosen many other junctions for this challenge). Clapham Junction is reputedly the busiest station in Europe with up to 180 trains passing through every hour! The station is always busy but especially so when there is an international Rugby match at Twickenham or during the Tennis at Wimbledon.

Looking towards Central London and specifically Waterloo from the bridge that connects Clapham Junction’s 17 platforms. On the extreme Left of the photo are the two tracks curving away to connect with Kensington Olympia and Willesden Junction. They also connect with Denmark Hill and the Kent Coast. The 4 lines going towards London on the Left go to Waterloo. These are the lines on which services to Richmond and Reading operate. The building to the left of centre is the train cleaning plant for units coming…

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Some Rules of the Road when Travelling in India

Albatz Travel Adventures

Some rules of the road for travelling in India!

The traffic in India is insane, with big trucks and buses all jockeying for position, and smaller moving objects (motorcycles, cows, cars, elephants, tractors, pedestrians, camels, bicycles, auto-rickshaws, chickens, etc.) wedging themselves in between the larger vehicles.
Elephant 'traffic' in IndiaOn our first bus ride in India we discovered that the largest vehicles, or perhaps I should say the vehicles with the loudest horns, drove down the middle of the road forcing all the smaller moving objects to scramble for space along the edges.
Bus ride to Fatehpur Sikri in IndiaSurprisingly, this actually worked quite well. Or at least until another large vehicle came barreling down the middle of the road in the opposite direction; then a game of chicken ensued with both vehicles veering away at the last second, and all the smaller moving objects flying off the road in every direction.

I was sitting in the window seat on the side…

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Mobile Photo Challenge: Bangkok Architecture

The World Is a Book...


The architecture in Bangkok downtown is remarkable. Though we walked by many beautiful buildings everyday, but I missed taking a few more photos as most of the time we took the advantage of the sky walk to avoid the traffic and traffic lights.


Sally’s Mobile Photo Challenge for this week is challenger’s choice.  Do visit Sally’s Abstraction (Hope in a Photographic Puzzle*)



The sky walk connects the major business buildings, street exits, and rail stations (one level above the sky walk). Here you see how the sky walk and the rail station look like in BKK:


Have a great week! 🙂

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