Castor Oil for Dark Circles: See How Miraculously It Works — NiceStyles

Regardless to say, aging is an inevitable process that brings down the confidence and self-esteem of a person to lowest. That is because of the fact due to aging; the skin becomes saggy and affects the looks, making him unattractive. The most affected area by aging is the face and especially the… via Castor Oil […]

To Focus or Not to Focus: WPC

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“Focusing is about saying no.” Steve Jobs LASER FOCUSED There are so many ways to interpret this week’s challenge “Focus“.  As Steve Jobs viewed it, it can refer to a focus on the task at hand – eliminating distractions by having the strength to say no. Birds, like the…

Boats in the Mekong River

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Going down the Mekong on a variety of boats, passing an interesting variety of boats, big and small. There is a fascinating floating market in Can Tho on the Mekong as well. More of Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Boats and Ships.

Ice Stupas : Artificial Glaciers of Ladakh

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As it is said: “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, it truly implies in the case of Project “IceStupa“. Water scarcity in the valley of Ladakh during the summer enlightened the mind of Sonam Wangchuk. This is the most wonderful and amusing project that I have come across in the recent…

Stop Talking About That Book You’re Writing

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When it comes to big goals, like quitting smoking or writing a book, author Euny Hong recommends you zip your lips. “​The declaration of intention paradoxically reveals the lack of intention,” she writes. If you’re working on a project, Euny suggests a vow of silence until you’ve seen it through. Read snippets…