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Gardens by the Bay – Singapore


gardens-by-the-bay-1Gardens by the Bay is notably the number one attraction in Singapore and with good reason. It looks straight out of another world, and its spectacular. Boasting over 1,ooo,ooo plants – take your time getting lost in this magical place.

16387405_10158224818835083_2462010942467210707_n Supertree Grove

I would argue the most recognizable attraction is the Supertree Grove. There are 18 total in the park and 12 of them located in the Supertree Grove. You can pay $8 usd to walk along the OCBC Skyway, which is the bridge that connects these 12 trees from above. I opted to go both during the day and during the night because it was a completely different experience each time. You can see Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer and views of the park from atop. At night the trees come alive with vibrant colors and its like being in a fairy tale.

15726284_10158026410010083_672746375470131996_n Supertree Grove

15781791_10158026403555083_1385060029535170759_n Supertree Grove at…

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We all know how work can get stressful and cumbersome at times, especially in the heat of the moment.

It is also very important that we watch our words very carefully so we do not let something slip out and later regret it.

The illustration aboveshows the four things you should stay away from saying.

Always remember work ethicsgo a very long way on the road to a very successful career.

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Roger Federer wins historic 18th Grand Slam after beating Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open


Roger Federer has beaten great rival Rafael Nadal in a five-set epic to win a record-breaking 18th Grand Slam.

The Swiss has become the first man to reach that total of Slam wins, winning his fifth Australian Open in the process.

Ranked at No. 17 in the world having taken six months off to recover from a knee injury, few gave him a chance at the start of the tournament but he enjoyed an incredible two weeks to lift his first major since Wimbledon 2012.

Federer had never beaten his final opponent at Melbourne Park and was significantly behind on their head-to-head in Slam finals (Nadal 6-2), although this was their first meeting at this stage of a major since the French Open in 2011.

On the same weekend Serena Williams became the most successful woman in the Open Era, Federer extended his lead at the top of the men’s…

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how to be confident // 5 tips

the monster under my bed

Confidence has always been something I have struggled with. When I was younger, especially going into secondary school, I was obsessed with popularity, feeling trapped by the labels that others defined me by- geeky, boring, a stuck up- all because of my glasses. I hated myself, I dreamed of perfection, a glossy life with a glossy appearance with glossy friends. Looking back on it now, all I see is an insecure, sad little girl who desperately craved approval from others, and, in trying to change herself so much, fell straight into those boxes that she thought others had put her in. As I grew up, however, there must have been a point where I stopped worrying, started to love my glasses, smiled more and began to mentally break down the damaging stereotypes of popularity and being ‘cool’. I am still quiet, I still work hard and get good grades, I am…

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