The Story of 2018 through Street Photography

Darren Lehane

Rather than do my “best of” street photography for 2018 I’ve chosen, instead, to review my year through a street photo I took each month.

After all, trying to pick your best or favourite images, is a little like being asked to choose you favourite child. Besides, I find my favourites change with time or mood, so “best of’s” become largely meaningless.

2018, it would be fair to say, has been a tough year on a personal level. There have been a number of difficult family illnesses to deal with.

With regards street photography it’s felt like a good year. I managed to get out more to shoot street, which is always a positive. I’ve also felt I’ve challenged myself more by shooting less on those occasions but getting better and more consistent images as a result.

I’ve not blogged nearly anywhere near enough this year, but I hope to…

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