My 5 min Morning Make-Up Routine (by Anna)

Cinnamon Buns and Roses

I love my new (ish) bed and even though I’m a morning person….and a night person actually come to think of it… I really enjoy just laying in bed in the morning when I really should be getting up to go about my day. My alarm is set for early am each weekday but I don’t get up until about 30 min after it goes off. I then proceed to run around the house whilst getting ready muttering under my breath that I’m going to be late. It’s the same every day hahaha I must look like a right idiot rushing about like its all a surprise each morning hahahah

One thing I have gotten down to a fine art is my make up routine. I leave this step as the last in my getting ready routine. Once that’s done I’m literally out the door and in my car and off…

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