Three Tips for Surviving The Workplace

Waiting on the Sunset

I almost titled this “How to Survive in the Corporate World” but then I remembered I work for a nonprofit*, so there went that idea.

Anyway, I thus present you with these three tips:

Jump in

I love starting new jobs because it’s so nice to have a clean slate. I’m an introvert, so it takes me a while to get the feel for things, but I enjoy the idea of reinvention. Likely, at a new job, nobody is going to know you. They don’t know how you don’t like coffee (apparently a sin in Seattle) and if you really care about Game of Thrones (spoiler: I don’t). You get to be you without the drama of your old work place.**

This however, is also a bit terrifying. Because it means you don’t really know who to trust. Listen, I’m not telling you to spill your deepest, darkest secrets to…

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