How to find your mac address


network-featuredWe live in what experts describe as an IP (Internet Protocol) based society. This means everything is connected, not just your smartphone, camera, smart watch or traditional computing devices. Potentially, everything and anything, from your dog’s collar to your refrigerator is now an Internet connected device which you can monitor and manage, all from your phone or web browser.

Part of the magic behind IoT (Internet of things) are unique identifiers which enable everything on the planet to communicate. True, we’ve talked about IP Addresses in the past, however, there is a network address down another level which is assigned to every computing network device. And unlike an IP address, it’s assigned at birth / never changes. This is called a MAC address. This has nothing to do with Apple’s line of Macintosh computers, but it too, has a MAC address and we are going to show you how to find it.

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