What are NFC tags and how to use it?

Nikhil Ranjan

Near Field Communication or NFC is the technology which is currently very much in the market. It is a wireless communication between the devices but it is differ from WiFi or Bluetooth communication. As in WiFi the range is 100 – 200 meters, which is restricted to under 10 meters in Bluetooth technology which further being reduced to under 4cm in NFC. Now the point is that where this technology is implemented and used? So, the answer is the NFC used at various places like airports, metros, parking places or even toll plazas.

We only have to tap our NFC enable devices like smartphone to the NFC tags and our mobile will activate accordingly. For eg when we entered in our office we just tap our mobile to NFC tags and our mobile will be on silent mode. While entering to a parking, we just tap our mobile and the…

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