What I Learned During My First Year in Bulgaria

Spaghetti & Slippers

As a teacher, you are constantly learning. A first year teacher in another country is no exception to this. With much amusement, I share with you the top 10 things I learned during this year in Bulgaria.

Here you are:

  1. How to read body language. It’s amazing how much I can understand based on body language. Occasionally it gets a bit confusing since Bulgarians shake their head opposite of most the world for “yes” and “no.” Despite this, body language has gotten me a loooooong way this year.

    WQRwHpG.jpg This means “yes.” See the confusion?

  2. How to survive without a car, dishwasher, dryer, microwave, TV, air conditioning, and central heating. This sounds pretty crazy when I type out the list, but it actually wasn’t that difficult of an adjustment. Drying clothes in the winter took more patience, but the clothes still dried!433c0d1e90df70a7f0ea24aab9b5a930
  3. How to properly use a squatty potty (and to…

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