Top 10 Series #4: My Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Habits


Living a healthy lifestyle is super important because it benefits you; your body, health and all! Healthy living is also becoming increasingly popular.

I don’t know about you, but when I try something new I always make sure to do my research and learn more!

Over my few years of trying to live a healthier life, I have picked up a few habits and have learned a few tips! So, I’m sharing them with you in hopes to help you and maybe even inspire you to live a healthier life!

Drink water 

Before I made the decision to live healthier, I rarely drank water! A sip here and there maybe, but not even close to the recommended amount. Now water is basically the only thing I drink, besides tea and smoothies!

Drinking water does not only hydrate your body! It helps your skin stay hydrated and fresh, your digestion and more. If you exercise and sweat…

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