Travelling soon? Here are some packing tips



My dad travels a lot. Like a lot. In fact, he travels every month and lives out of his suitcase than his closet most of the time. Recently, I started my summer vacations (Wohoo!) and when I packed, I was worried I’d be overweight. I was so worried that I was extra careful when I packed. So extra careful, that when I checked in, I found out that my bag weighed 10 kilos! Can you believe it! 10! So now, I decided to share how my suitcase weighed 10 kilos (less than the domestic weight), when I was traveling international.

First, Make a list. Trust me on this guys, making a list really does help. Mainly, because you can check off the items that you’ve packed and make sure you don’t leave anything behind. Making a list also helps you prepare to pack. For example, if you…

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