World’s largest floating solar power plant-China

Ketan Deshpande MN

Floating-solar-power-plant-Ketan-deshpande-Minnesota 40MW capacity, Huainan city in Anhui province

China, the world’s second largest economy has been a high CO2 producing country for decades, many cite its rapid industrial growth and laxed regulations are the primary reasons. In response to these statements China is rapidly developing strategies to build sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure. Such investments will allow China to join world’s top energy performers shortly.

This 40MW plant in Huainan city in Anhui province is the world’s largest floating solar power plant. Interestingly the facility is built on a flooded former coal mine.

Floating solar power plants are becoming popular around the world as they provide unique solutions and efficiencies such as freeing up lucrative land in highly populated cities and their inherent design can reduce evaporation of water. Cooler air at the surface of the water also helps the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic cells. Rapidly declining cost for capital…

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