10 Reasons to Workout

Chief Health

10. Helps You Sleep

Studies show that 20-30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise three to four times a week will help you sleep better. You should aim for a morning or afternoon workout as a workout close to bed might make you to energized to sleep.

9. Boosts Happiness

Penn State University conducted a study that found people who exercised, whether mild, moderate or vigorous, had more pleasant feelings than those who didn’t.

8. Slows Aging & Reduces Risk of Premature Death

Regular exercises makes you more aerobically fit as you get older. It also reduces the risk of many age-related diseases, improves skin tone, muscle tone and increases flexibility.

7. Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

A variety of studies and trials conducted in 2013 (305 trials with more than 339,000 participants) found that no statistically detectable differences between people who exercises and people who were given medication…

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