Who Has the Best Coffee? Top 5 Places to get Coffee!

Wandering Virtue

With hundreds of places to get coffee nowadays, we have a plethora of options. However, who really does have the best coffee? Whether you’re a black coffee kind of person or a venti iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel drizzle add three shots kind of person, we all have one thing in common- we are addicted to this stuff.

If we are paying around $4.00 per cup of joe we deserve the best, in my opinion. So who really does have the best coffee?

I am basing this list mainly off the taste of their regular coffee. Other factors that influence this list are: ambiance, if they have other food options, and if it’s cost friendly.

  1. Starbucks

    starbucks-cup-of-coffee-to-go                                I tried not to make Starbucks number one on this list mainly due to the fact that it is the most common place to get coffee. However, I failed and here it…

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