Some Rules of the Road when Travelling in India

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Some rules of the road for travelling in India!

The traffic in India is insane, with big trucks and buses all jockeying for position, and smaller moving objects (motorcycles, cows, cars, elephants, tractors, pedestrians, camels, bicycles, auto-rickshaws, chickens, etc.) wedging themselves in between the larger vehicles.
Elephant 'traffic' in IndiaOn our first bus ride in India we discovered that the largest vehicles, or perhaps I should say the vehicles with the loudest horns, drove down the middle of the road forcing all the smaller moving objects to scramble for space along the edges.
Bus ride to Fatehpur Sikri in IndiaSurprisingly, this actually worked quite well. Or at least until another large vehicle came barreling down the middle of the road in the opposite direction; then a game of chicken ensued with both vehicles veering away at the last second, and all the smaller moving objects flying off the road in every direction.

I was sitting in the window seat on the side…

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