how to be confident // 5 tips

the monster under my bed

Confidence has always been something I have struggled with. When I was younger, especially going into secondary school, I was obsessed with popularity, feeling trapped by the labels that others defined me by- geeky, boring, a stuck up- all because of my glasses. I hated myself, I dreamed of perfection, a glossy life with a glossy appearance with glossy friends. Looking back on it now, all I see is an insecure, sad little girl who desperately craved approval from others, and, in trying to change herself so much, fell straight into those boxes that she thought others had put her in. As I grew up, however, there must have been a point where I stopped worrying, started to love my glasses, smiled more and began to mentally break down the damaging stereotypes of popularity and being ‘cool’. I am still quiet, I still work hard and get good grades, I am…

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