Lab Made Singapore – Popular Hong Kong Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop Opening In Singapore

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Hong Kong popular nitrogen ice cream shop Lab Made will be opening in Singapore.

Although Lab Made was founded only in recent 2012, it has quickly become one of Hong Kong’s most popular ice cream brands.

Their location in Singapore however, remains a secret.

While the usual commercial ice cream requires a longer time of at least 10 minutes to freeze, Lab Made uses a fraction at 60 seconds.

Their ice cream is made to order, and you can watch the (gimmicky) nitrogen gas dispense.

My main reservation is, liquid nitrogen has been in Singapore since 2013/14 (or even before), though the general popularity hasn’t been overwhelming.

Some other liquid nitrogen shops, has come and gone (Remember Just Like It?).

The good thing about Lab Made is the Hong Kong outlets change flavours every fortnight, introducing interesting flavours…

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