Saying Goodbye To 2016 And Hello To 2017 With Meditation

The White Candle Meditation APP

The calendar year is once again coming to a close, and a New Year is set to begin, saying goodbye to the past 12 months, and hello to the next with meditation is a great way to close some old doors, and open some new ones.

Life has almost felt like it has doubled in pace in recent times, the rate at which we absorb information is forever speeding up, and there are more and more sites and mediums to access information.

Something that I have noticed in my own world is that when I am spending too much time absorbing information from the outer, and not enough time allowing my inner tutor (intuition) to guide me, I can start to feel a little scattered and disconnected from myself and who I really am.

In my younger years, I would live for the parties, I would live for the celebrations…

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