We Laughed, We Cried, We Felt: The Posts We Loved in 2016


We editors at WordPress.com are stunned by what we read on your blogs every day: the range of topics. The candor and emotion. The beauty of the writing. Every moment, in everything you publish, you share parts of yourselves — which is both brave and important.

On Tuesday, we highlighted some of the current events-focused posts that moved us this year. Today, we celebrate the breadth and depth of your other writing in 14 of our most popular topics, from food to sports to fiction to parenting and beyond.

seamus the basset hound Photo of Seamus from The Ripening Joy.


They can’t blog for themselves, but we love reading when you do it on their behalves — more often than not, we all end up learning a little something about ourselves. “The Invisible Leash,” by Ivan Kreilkamp in Avidly, is a sweet, thoughtful meditation on the nature of pet ownership, while The…

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