Simple Ways to Start Healthy in 2017

Rebekah James - Facts, Fitness, Fun

Eat fruit instead of candy 

This is a great way to avoid processed sugar.  Plus, the added fiber of the fruit helps you to break down the sugar slower, makes you feel ‘full’ sooner, and it can regulate your bowel movements.

Go food shopping when full 

If you aren’t hungry at the store, it’s been shown that people buy fewer unhealthy foods and less impulse buys.

Learn how to cook 

Dieting doesn’t work because cutting out food groups only makes you crave them more.  It’s better to aim for a lifestyle change.  Cooking at home is healthier than eating out, saves money, and you gain a helpful life skill.

Drink coffee black

I’m guilty of this one.  My old clinical instructor used to say I made ‘foo-foo’ coffee because I would add lots of Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Creamer.  While it tastes great, eliminating milk, cream, sugar, and flavorings…

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