The Best Ed Sheeran Parody I’ve Seen Yet


“He may not be super, but he’s a hero.” (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)

Each Avenger has some sort of superpower, if you think about it. Iron Man’s got his brain and his never-ending stock of armored suits. Thor’s got Mjolnir. Hulk is, well…Hulk. Captain America and Black Widow both have super-serums.

And then there’s Hawkeye.

The one guy with no superpowers whatsoever who ended up working with the Avengers and has to get by with just his wit and a bow and arrows.

A friend of mine wrote a really good article about Hawkeye which you can find here –

Check it out. It’s great.

I have something to add there.

When watching The Avengers, I was completely blown away by the super-people in the team: Thor, Cap, and the others. I barely paid Hawkeye any attention. After all, he doesn’t do anything cool like the others, doesn’t…

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