Best of Pinterest

with Natasha Berta


What even is it???

Well, Pinterest is a website, where you create an account for yourself and select topics that interest you. Images related to those interests are delivered to you in a feed and then you can “Pin” any of the images which interest you. You can also “Pin” pretty much any image on the Internet to your account for future reference. Within your account, you can create “Boards” which is a way to sort your “Pins” into categories of your choice.

For Who?

For individuals and businesses. There are now “Buyable Pins” which is great if you are a seller in a style like Etsy except that it doesn’t need to be handmade.

So What?

I can only suggest you try it and see how it works for you. I have a friend who teaches Spanish and she has found loads of great Spanish teaching resources. I…

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