Alligators As Art?

Phil Lanoue Photography

Earlier this week I was watching and photographing this alligator sloshing about the water while feeding in the salt marsh.

Although I got some of the standard shots of the big guy blasting around after fish and slowly stalking his prey at times, I also got a few shots that I thought may possibly show a more artistic side of our gator pal.

Looking almost straight down with the alligator beneath me, I got these photos which I feel displays a different sort of viewpoint then I typically present.

Are they artistic? Well, I’m not sure about that, the viewers can decide for themselves how the feel about and interpret these images.

I also realize I’m going out on a limb here by inviting people to consider how they might ‘feel’ about an alligator photo. 🙂

Alligators As Art

Alligators As Art

Alligators As Art

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