Pick of the week (Jun. 3rd): Groot #1

Groot #1

Writer: Jeff Loveness

Art:: Brian Kesinger

Publisher: Marvel

“I am Groot!” – Groot

Hot off the success that was Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) Marvel has been giving individual members of the team their own books. First it was Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord, and now Groot. Despite having a huge soft spot for the Groot, I was a bit skeptical. Mainly I was worried about how the dialogue would be when the only words the protagonists can say are “I am Groot”. It turns out though that Groot didn’t have to say much, his old pal Rocket Raccoon came along to narrate/interpret for us. The story starts out with Groot trying to convince Rocket to head to Earth. Rocket is not so sure because according to him Earth is the worst place in the Galaxy. Groot eventually wears him down and the two decide to head to…

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