Outdoor public DJ booths: coming soon to a park near you

Consequence of Sound

If you thought those public pianos were cool, just wait till you come across a Fono. Yalp, a Netherlands based sport and play equipment company, has placed these solar-powered, public, free, outdoors DJ booths in parks in the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, and Australia.

All a user needs is a portable device that plays music (like that iPhone you have in your pocket). Press play, place the device so that the speaker lines up with the Fono’s “pickup place” (aka a microphone), and you can get to work mixing your own public dance party. The table utilizes 14 touchpad surfaces that can control things like pitch, delay, flange, scratch and others, as well as looping and crossfading. Deep House Amsterdam (via In The Mix) points out that there are no EQ knobs or beatmatching pitch slides, though you can “automatically sync tracks and cue/pre-listen to your mix-in track over your headphones.”

Yalp even…

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