10 things for my happiness

Dauntlessly Cautious

Prompt: What are 10 things you feel are essential to your happiness, and why?

I can’t put any of these in order, by the way. I just don’t put things in order. At all. Especially not my room.

1. Satisfying relationships. Nothing makes me happier than good friendships. A saying I love says, “If life is a cookie, friends are the chocolate chips.” Except I hate chocolate chips and I always pick them out of my cookies. But I don’t think that’s the point.

2. Spring and summer. Winter and fall are intolerable. 

3. Creative thought. Sometimes I go through periods in life in which my brain shuts down and goes into hibernation. Such times are the worst.

4. A day out. Some people really enjoy having a full day at home to just read and relax, but I’m not like that. I need interaction and stimulation!

5. Pride in…

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