How to install NOKIA here maps in your android phone


Hello humans and all other alienatic creatures whoever you’re if you love tech you’re in the right place 🙂 its going to rain tech

i am HAKIM and you’re TECHNICALLY reading  TECHIE NEWS

i am here today to show you how to install “NOKIA HERE MAPS ” on to your android device which is ROOTED

download link :

NOTE: Keep a backup of your existing build.prop file. Also make sure to take a nandroid backup before attempting to edit build.prop file as it could easily soft brick your device if not edited correctly.

Below are things that you need to modify in your build.prop file use root explorer and goto system folder and then find build.prop now open it with text editor and modify the properties as shown below

ro.product.platform=Nokia X software platform 1.0

Reboot your device once you’ve made the above mentioned modifications…

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