Ascend to Now


2014-06-10 06.23.44

In my past, I have been addicted to many things, but of them, my addiction to the mirage of the future and illusions of the past are the most pervasive.

This is a mental environment in which contentment simply cannot grow. Appreciation and contentment cannot thrive when we attempt to nourish them with phantoms. This is a mental environment that nullifies our senses, rendering them useless to the wonder all around us – we must nurture them with the infinite tangibles of the now. When one projects himself or herself only in the past or the future, the present is irreparably lost.

Happiness, contentment, and gratitude are burrowed in the present; in the awareness of one’s current surroundings and abundances.

Embark on the ascent to now. Enjoy the outstanding view atop the peak of the present.

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