Healthy Snack Alternatives



Many people when they are in a hurry will grab anything they see as a quick snack, which is usually a candy bar or some other type of junk food. But there are healthy snack alternatives that are just as easy to grab and tastes just as good as their unhealthy counterparts.

Here are some unhealthy snack foods that people eat and a list of healthy food that it can be substituted for:

Instead of candy try:

  • Dark Chocolate. Provided you have just a small amount, dark chocolate has healthy antioxidants that make it better for you .
  • Granola Bar. With tasty morsels of fruits inside, these treats are salty and sweet in one.
  • Strawberries. These small fruits are the perfect alternatives to unhealthy candies.
  • Orange Slices. Pick up an orange instead. It’s full of vitamin C which can help ensure you stay healthy.
  • Blueberries. Blueberries aren’t called a super…

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