£2,000 spent on marriage ceremony for two DOGS (Tuxedo, Wedding Dress, Rings and Cake)


A  pair of love-struck pet pugs got married in a £2,000 ceremony, complete with wedding dresses, tuxedos and a ‘best dog’.

Bride Betty dazzled in a £100 custom-made white dress while Albert wore a smart tux topped off with a trilby and a bow tie. Wedding rings were exchanged and attached to collars in the moving ceremony.

Happily ever after: (L-R) Julian Reynolds with Clive Phillips and Christine Reynolds with bride Betty and groom Albert at their pug wedding

The pair fell head over tail in love after meeting as puppies and soon became inseparable. They even had a joint stag and hen party at their local pub – where Betty wore the traditional ‘L’ plate and bunny ears to dance the night away with her doggie pals.

 Their owner Christine Reynolds, 52, a dog groomer from Milton Keynes, said: ‘I know what people must think. ‘I am barking mad, but I know my pugs…

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