Typography is an art….isn’t it?

Minuteman Press Hyde Park

There was a time when typography was a skill mastered by few (!and only a few). The ability to set a paragraph of type that gave the eye a visual massage was Artform that took years to master.
And then came DTP and suddenly everyone was a typographer. Typography is dead, long live typography!
The following graphic is a 10 commandments of good typography (thank you to www.makeuseof.com).


If this is not so easy to follow, I found an incredibly informative and website called Butterick’s Practical Typography (practicaltypography.com/

This site in the form of a book, has perhaps the most indepth analysis and information pertaining to the long forgotten art of typography.

Certain rules like NEVER use comic sans are largely ignored today with dire consequences. Mediocre looking setting is the order of the day and today’s typesetting programs set paragraphs that send our ancestral typographers spinning in…

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