(WBC #2) 15 – Fifteen Years Later

Life Words

It just dawned on me the poetic timing of this blog as I wrote the title, and it was not planned. This entry is late, and some other ideas lost steam, but this one allows me to lean on one of the better pieces of wisdom disguised in a song.

They'll never know... They’ll never know…

I’ve mentioned this from time to time on Facebook, but it is amazing what you don’t know when you think you know it, or what you don’t realize until you realize it later. For those of us that spent our youth in the 90’s, there was a special gem of a song put together by Baz Lurhmann from an essay written by Mary Schmich located here. The wonderful song is below.

It’s amazing what this song means 15 years later, even only at 28. The other thing that is funny about the original essay is it…

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