Leap Motion gains Game-Changing New Features, Which dramatically improve upon Accuracy and Convenience

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The Leap Motion, on paper, is one really awesome concept. The basic idea is that instead of traditional controls such as Keyboard, Mouse, etc, you can use your fingers to control the object onscreen, sorta like actually going through the screen and manipulating the object.

The Leap Motion, is a small device that plugs into the USB Port of a computer and tracks your hands. While it sounded good on paper, reviewers found it a bit lacking on accuracy.

Leap Motion receives a new update to its tracking software, now up to Version 2. It still isn’t completed, but it has been released as a beta for developers.

It has improved resistance to infrared-light, but the big thing is the update to its tracking:

If a part of your finger is hidden from the sensor’s view it is able to predict what it is doing by observing your bone movement…

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