What’s worth learning?

Connected Teaching and Learning

What’s worth learning and how to educate for the unknown.

On Will Richardson’s page I found this: David Perkins, Professor, Harvard Graduate School of Education Perkins considers what’s worth learning and how to educate for the unknown.

Quote; To me, 90 percent of what we typically teach is a waste of time. 90 percent of what we teach probably constitutes particular skills and particular nuggets of knowledge that those kids will never encounter again in a significant way in their lives. It just doesn’t matter. Well, that is completely bizarre. We simply have to do better than that.

Curriculum is one of the most resistant fronts of education.   One of the most important questions that we face these days in education is, well in one sentence, its what’s worth learning?  What is worth learning for contemporary times? what’s worth learning for the next 20 years? the next 30? 

And the…

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