Yogic Breath for Relaxation

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Last month we touched on the importance of breath for reducing stress in the physical body. This month we share with you a simple breathing technique for reducing stress in the mind. This Pranayama technique comes from the Yogis and is a fabulous way to quieten the mind before meditation, relaxation or sleep.


The Practice:

1. Sitting comfortably in a quiet space. Either in a seated Yoga posture or upright in a chair with the spine supported and the palms of the hands resting lightly on the tops of the thighs and the legs uncrossed.

2. Close the eyes and take your attention inwards. Take a few normal breaths here.

3. Take 4 even breaths in through the nose, until the lungs are completely full. You should feel the belly gently expanding like a balloon. The belly button pushing out. try to keep the 4 sections of the in breath…

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