What to avoid when public speaking

the dreamluggage

Public speaking is not an easy skill you can find everywhere. In these days of public elections or in any case of attending a conference, I have had the chance to look at some people giving speeches making some huge mistakes that have not helped them to be effective.

I am not a real expert of public speaking but I would suggest something you really should AVOID to do. This is part of the so-called executive presence of a business woman (or man :)!).

First of all, while taking a speech, do not talk too quick: the number of words per minute while talking one-to-one might can not be the same. And do not talk too much, I mean, establish the time you have at your disposal and try to respect it.

Please stand on your two legs, without moving on one foot to another and without crossing them.

Avoid to hide your hand/s in…

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