Crossing Genre Borders w/ Cazzette: Sleepless ft. The High

Rager Onions

Talk about a change of pace.

Swedish duo Cazzette climbed the stardom ladder through their high energy, electro & progressive house remixes. Their unique sound, crafted over years of hard work in the studio, has developed into somewhat of an anomaly in the EDM scene. As each new release one ups the former, you would think that the Swedes would stay in their retrospective comfort zone in terms of their production style.

I guess that’s why I never made it as a DJ, or why I’m so sad all the time.

But enough about me. Cazzette’s newest original production “Sleepless” showcases the depth and compositional wherewithal necessary to cross over into opposing genre territory. Call this one what you want: we chose melodic, deep, future house.

Whatever that means…

Out now on Spotify


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