MJ Hologram


So last Sunday night, my mom called for me to show me the Billboard Music Awards. At first, I wasn’t really interested and didn’t want to watch it, but then something piqued my interest. It was the dancing hologram of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. At the same time, I was equally interested in the hologram as well as the song he sang. I had heard parts of this song before it was released, and it was so good that I had to wait for it to come out, the first and only time that I’ve done so. So when I saw one of my idols perform a song that I had waited so long to hear, I was really excited, but I just kept wondering whether the performance was a tribute to or just an exploitation of Michael Jackson. I feel that almost every company or corporation…

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About Random Repeat

This blog showcases articles / posts posted by other people. It shows what people do to make a difference. It displays the talents of people such as photography, writing, blogging and various other talents. Random Repeat entertains through videos and adds humour through jokes and funny gifs. It also educates with infographics, etc., and offers advice like DIY stuff and covers topics like health and motivation. It also gives a chance for people to be heard or seen again. Many times people put in a lot of effort to make their post or work stand out, but it rarely gets noticed. Random Repeat helps to get it noticed, if only a little bit more.

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