Pooch or Puss?

Uncle Spike's Adventures

I gotta admit I’m more of of a pooch-lover myself. I have no qualms about our small feline friends, but if you have ever had both in your life, you have to concur that whilst they might both belong in the ‘pet’ category, they are so utterly different.

For followers who are non-pet lovers, you may switch stations at this point (Mr P)

Not wanting to kick off some heated debate here, but dogs are just simple creatures, bloody intelligent for sure, but like us men, we are not that complex 🙂

And as if to prove my point, read this excerpt from a dog’s diary…



So now on to the felines. Now, for starters, feline sounds a bit like female or feminine…. hmm, well as a matter of fact, cats, or “catégorie d’les chats” are definitely complex and crazy creatures. They might come in boy and girl versions, but them puss-features are devious little feckers.

And as if…

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