Everyone Smiles in the Same Language

Own and On

That may be the most valuable lesson I learned in the 4th grade.

If you ask people to tell you what they want for themselves (or their children) you’ll almost always hear some version of: happiness. It’s a universal desire. So it’s no surprise that Pharrell’s Happy is #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, and people all around the world have video diaries showing how they get their happy on:

I’ve found however, that opinions on this song, and the idea in general, are quite polarizing. Either you’re doing the Carlton at the thought or you’re rolling your eyes.  Are people REALLY that damn happy? If you’re an eye roller…to answer your question…YES!

I get it though; sometimes it’s easier said that done, especially if you feel like you’re on the cusp of a break-down. In order to find your happy feet, you have to change your perspective about what’s going on in…

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About Random Repeat

This blog showcases articles / posts posted by other people. It shows what people do to make a difference. It displays the talents of people such as photography, writing, blogging and various other talents. Random Repeat entertains through videos and adds humour through jokes and funny gifs. It also educates with infographics, etc., and offers advice like DIY stuff and covers topics like health and motivation. It also gives a chance for people to be heard or seen again. Many times people put in a lot of effort to make their post or work stand out, but it rarely gets noticed. Random Repeat helps to get it noticed, if only a little bit more.

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