Molly Moore – Natural Disaster (Win & Woo Remix)

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Win & Woo are back at it with a downtempo remix of Natural Disaster by Molly Moore. The electronic duo goes in a slightly different direction with their sound this time. This song has a minimal, super-chill feel. Not many bells and whistles to be distracted by, which is refreshing. It’s always frustrating to hear good songs that just try to do too much at once. Although usually more uptempo and energetic, Win & Woo keep what I see as their “signature” sound in this song: a single, pulsing, slow but powerful bass that resonates throughout the whole song. Clear, individual piano chords occasionally cut the bass and add a lot of depth to the song. Enjoy the track below, and if you like it, check out my full profile of the duo’s career here.

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24 Books Readable in an Hour

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This infographic comes by way of the “E-Book Friendly” blog.

I’m  muddled by the infographic.  Maybe its the notion that one is paying attention to the amount of time one reads or has time to read, instead of thinking of reading for pleasure or perhaps information. Still, the concept is thought-provoking; reading is positively promoted; and the titles identified  are intriguing ones worth checking out.

It made me think of the discussion in my public services class in library school wherein we discussed the debate of  “Do we provide the things we know patrons will read. . .?  In short “Glad the patrons are reading” vs “Shouldn’t we be encouraging . . .?”

That old debate seems silly but at one time this was a real concern for some.

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24 books to read in under an hour (infographic) | Ebook FriendlyVia Ebook Friendly

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Throw me to the wolves

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Learn to give people your time and energy! Giving money, bonuses, gifts is NOT the same as giving somebody your time. We all have 24 hours in a day and 365 days per year that we cannot get back. Money on the other hand could be made back. People will  appreciate when you give them your time. Remember you cannot get time back. Time is Golden, treat time like its gold.


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