Deadpool and Batman v. Superman released new images

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Fox has released another amazing picture from Deadpool. Every time they release an image, I just can’t believe how close to the comic book his costume is. Well done Fox, well done.

Deadpool is due out in theaters February 2016. Stay time for more information.


Entertainment Weekly released a handful of images and a full article on the up coming Batman v. Superman film, yesterday. I’m loving the costumes, very faithful to the comics. Gal Gadot seems like a good fit visually, let’s hope her acting chops have improved. Batman v. Superman will be in theaters March 2016.

What do you guys thing of the pictures?

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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found
song lyrics only (can be sang as a rap)

They say I am dead
But I know I’m alive
Can’t you see me breathe?
How can it be so hard to believe
That what I say is true?
If I’m really dead
I won’t know what to do
Because my heart gets heavy
And my peaceful thoughts become few

Yeah, life doesn’t have to be this way
We can get rid of our old selves
And start to live today
Put all of our old habits away
And get out of our sleep
In this life of lies
I have fallen too deep
And I will surely burn this monster at the stake
Just to breathe and be awake
Because this subscription of death
I no longer want to take

They say that I am stuck
Deep in my own rut
I’m done living with no…

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Dubliners: the Street Photography of J.J. Clarke

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J.J. Clarke, Lady on Sackville Street (NLI) A Lady on Sackville Street (NLI)

Urban street photography is not something you’d associate with Edwardian Ireland, but between 1897 and 1904 a young medical student, J.J. Clarke, was creating fascinating images of Dublin street life. ‘Dubliners’, an exhibition of his work that first showed at the National Photographic Archive in 2001, has found an online afterlife through a collaboration between the National Library of Ireland and Google Cultural Institute.

As the title suggests, this exhibition sees the city through a Joycean lens. Both J.J. Clarke and James Joyce were students at the turn of the last century and they were both impressionable young men, alive to the city around them. In many ways, the men, women and children looking out from these photographs are counterparts to those in Dubliners and Ulysses. Yet the informality and intimacy of Clarke’s photographs gives them real interest in their own right…

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Mews: Create Your Pet’s Very Own Online Profile with Webbox

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Hi everyone,

Hope all is going well! We got some exciting news from our friends over at Webbox – They have launched their new website and allow all of us to create profiles for our little and large friends. :D The profile can be created during the first check-out on their revamped website.

Additionally they have put together a wealth of health and care tips for our friends on their website.

Lastly for those in the UK they are running loads of competitions and giveaways on their new website and social media so its worth checking them out. :)

cat-feeding-advice Webbox website

Following this weeks theme on cat health tips I would also like especially point out their important section on cat health      which contains many useful tips around taking care of your friend.

which-cat-is-right-for-you Webbox website

More Details below:

Leading pet food brand Webbox has invested in an all-new and exciting website this Spring…

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