The Best Ed Sheeran Parody I’ve Seen Yet


“He may not be super, but he’s a hero.” (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes)

Each Avenger has some sort of superpower, if you think about it. Iron Man’s got his brain and his never-ending stock of armored suits. Thor’s got Mjolnir. Hulk is, well…Hulk. Captain America and Black Widow both have super-serums.

And then there’s Hawkeye.

The one guy with no superpowers whatsoever who ended up working with the Avengers and has to get by with just his wit and a bow and arrows.

A friend of mine wrote a really good article about Hawkeye which you can find here –

Check it out. It’s great.

I have something to add there.

When watching The Avengers, I was completely blown away by the super-people in the team: Thor, Cap, and the others. I barely paid Hawkeye any attention. After all, he doesn’t do anything cool like the others, doesn’t…

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Brother annoys sister with 7 hour road trip lip-sync


Anyone who has taken a long drive knows that even the best of family and friends can drive you crazy when you’re trapped with them for too long.

So it’s no surprise that while Brian Anderson may have entertained the internet as he lip-synced and danced his way through a seven hour road trip, his sister looked less than amused.

Anderson’s diverse playlist included everyone from the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls to Blink 182 and Papa Roach, and he performed each with no shortage of enthusiasm.

He told the Huffington Post that he lip-synced his way through a solid four hours of the trip and all of his sister’s reactions were completely authentic.

Here’s to you Brian.

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