DJ Fresh feat. Ellie Goulding – Flashlight

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Scrolling threw my SC I saw Ellie Goulding’s name and I nearly lost it. Yep, the obsession has reached that level. Best vocal in the game, and it’s not really close for me. This time around EG hops on a track with UK drum ‘n bass expert DJ Fresh for a heck of a track. I love the fast paced heavy hitting stuff Goulding has been in on lately – see “Don’t Leave” by Seven Lions if you need further explanation. Then again, I think her vocal would go well with just about anything.

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15 Surprising Celebrities Who Voiced Animated Characters

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There are some celebrities that we’ve always known voiced famous animated characters: Mike Myers as Shrek, Robin Williams as Aladdin’s genie, and—more recently—Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell as Anna and Elsa in “Frozen.” There are also a number of stars that—up until recently—we never knew offered up their pipes to voice two-dimensional characters.

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For example, who knew Fergie was the vocal force behind Charlie Brown’s sister Sally in ’80s “Peanuts” specials? Or that Melissa McCarthy spent years lending her voice to DNAmy, the villain of Disney’s “Kim Possible”? Or that Busta Rhymes, George Clooney, and ScarlettJohansson also made animated appearances?

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We could play the “who knew” game forever, so let’s just get down to it: Click through the gallery above to see 15 surprising celebrities who voiced animated characters, and let…

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